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Our Mission, Vision, & Values


New Hope Charities, Inc. strengthens disadvantaged communities through programs and collaborations that support individuals and families as they develop the skills necessary to reach their full potential. Our ultimate goal is to build sustainable families and communities that will flourish.


Our vision is to create stronger communities by providing more opportunities for children and families to gain the skills necessary to build better lives by providing community resources, infrastructure, individual education and training in a supportive and caring environment.


The work of New Hope Charities, Inc. is guided by the following core values. As board members, we agree to adhere to the following values for the good of the organization and those we serve. We promise:

  • To demonstrate our commitment to the mission of New Hope Charities, Inc. through the provision of our time, treasure, and talent to the achievement organizational goals.
  • To provide programs and services that meet the actual, rather than perceived, needs of the individuals, families, and communities that we serve.
  • To provide the highest quality of programs and services to our clients.
  • To engage in partnerships and collaborations for programs and services for which our clients’ needs would be best served by such relationships.
  • To respect the intrinsic worth of individuals and their ideas including clients, donors (both corporate and individual), staff, and collaborative partners.
  • To be accountable to and serve the needs of each other and the communities in which we raise funds and offer services.
  • To have integrity in all that we do; to be respectful of others; to be inclusive; to not withhold information; to act ethically; fairly and honestly in all matters; to be actively involved in the organization’s growth and to be accountable for its overall success and strength.